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What Your Credit Card Says About You

The Points Guy
What Your Credit Card Says About You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that we really, really like our credit cards here. We know the best ways to earn and burn points and miles, and we’re not intimidated by all those terms and acronyms. Naturally, we couldn’t help but wonder, what does your favorite credit card say about you as a person? Well, it turns out, probably more than you think.

Tip: Don’t take this article too seriously. It’s OK to laugh at yourself sometimes, we promise.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

You may be a bit of a snob, but hey, you appreciate quality and need to have the best of the best. You summer in the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard — and yes, you might just use “summer” as a verb. You probably have extensive, exotic trips lined up as you read this and are looking forward to racking up all those 5x points on airfare. You’d never be caught dead on public transportation because you’re too busy taking advantage of the card’s Uber benefits. You know exactly what the phrase “Akin’s Army” means and you’re pretty pumped about using your $200 airline fee credit to cover all your baggage fees when you fly in the new Delta One Suites to Tokyo this fall.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Let’s be real: You are secretly happy all your friends are a little jealous of you. New York is your favorite city in the world, and it’s not surprising since it’s the best place to rake in 3x points on all the incredible dining options. Even if you’ve totally jumped on board the whole health and wellness bandwagon, you know when Saturday night rolls around, you’ll be posted up at trendy bars — that is, if you’re not jetting off to the next foreign destination, thanks to your $300 in travel credit and Global Entry application fee waiver.

Citi Prestige

You’re somewhat of an underdog, but you don’t care… that much. You’re known for your habit of staying several days in a vacation spot — thanks to the card’s 4th Night Free Benefit — and your friends sometimes have a hard time figuring you out. You may or may not have a shopping addiction, only fueled further by Citi’s price rewind and protection programs. Suffice to say: You change your mind a lot.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

You have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot, but you don’t like saying it out loud, and you’re not necessarily the flashiest. You live by the motto “all things in moderation” — except when we’re talking about ordering food on Seamless and racking up 2x points in the process. If you haven’t been to Iceland yet, you definitely have a trip lined up in the next few months — and you know you’ll be taking full advantage of no foreign transaction fees almost as much as all of the photo ops.

Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express

You, on the other hand, pretend not to be high-maintenance, but let’s be real — you definitely are. You can’t help it that you like nice things, but, hey, at least you have a somewhat moderate sensibility, right? You might be somewhat of a commitment-phobe, so it’s helpful that the card’s annual fee is waived the first year. You’re probably a foodie and can’t help but base your travel plans on restaurants.

Chase Freedom

You’re really organized and can juggle multiple things at once, like binge-watching Netflix while scrolling through 3 different apps on your phone and getting a head start on work for tomorrow — oh, and keeping track of rotating quarterly bonus categories. People sometimes underestimate you, but you have a few tricks up your sleeve — like getting 5% cash back and converting them into Ultimate Rewards points to get more value. Which is good, because you’ve needed a vacation since 2016.

Citi Double Cash Card

You’re not the most complex person out there, but you’re totally OK with it. Keeping things simple and straightforward is your MO, and you were pretty hesitant to sign up for a credit card in the first place. You’d take 50 economy flights over Singapore Suites any day.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

You’re the underratedly funny one in your group of friends and always have a witty one-liner up your sleeve. Your life is complicated enough trying to figure out if you’re “in ketosis” that you don’t have time to deal with transferring points and miles to various travel partners. You want to do your own thing anyway, and you couldn’t fathom ever staying in a chain hotel. You’re planning your friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party as we speak, and you better believe you’re getting that 20% rebate by booking through Hotels.com.

Debit Card

Hey, I don’t know if you know this, but there’s this site called The Points Guy — you should check it out sometime.

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